The V&A Twist Collection

Ryalux is proud to announce the much anticipated launch of The V&A Twist Jewel Collection, Inspired by the Jewellery Gallery of the Victoria and Albert Museum.

The Victoria and Albert Museum in London features the world’s greatest art and design collections, and has been a major influence on manufacturers and designers since it was founded in 1852. At Ryalux, we have been working with the Museum for more than ten years.

This palette of 70 colours is inspired by the V&A’s magnificent jewellery collection. One of the finest and most comprehensive in the world, the collection looks back over 800 years and includes jewels owned by Queen Elizabeth I and Napoleon – as well as outstanding modern designers. Among them are thousands of highly treasured precious stones. It is their amazing diversity of tone and shade that helped us conceive today’s V&A Twist.

Privileged access to the wealth of the V&A archives has helped us design a range which reflects current and future home interior trends. The spectrum and brilliance of colour that inspired craftsmen and collectors of today. In turn, they will inspire you as you plan your flooring and furnishings – helping to define your perfect colour scheme, modern or traditional. V&A Twist offers you great breadth of choice, based on some of the most prestigious and intriguing objects of desire ever created.

The V&A Twist Jewel Collection is currently being launched throughout the Ryalux retailer network. Click for further details on V&A Twist and to take a look at our vibrant colour bank.